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Senior Note:

September 27, 2016


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NOTE TO SENIORS:  If there is any possible chance you will attend college next year, there are several things that need to be done:

  1. Everything is online.  You will need access to the internet.  If you do not have access at home, utilize the library computers or see me.

  2. If you haven’t taken the ACT, take it. Colleges will require those scores for admittance. Sign up online at www.actstudent.org.

  3. Utilize Gore School’s Website www.gorepublicschools.org.  Under Resources you will see Counselor's Corner.  I post information there frequently. This will be your best bet for up to date information.

  4. Apply to the college(s) of your choice NOW.  There are many college specific scholarships but you have to be accepted to that college first.  Many preferred scholarships now have October deadlines. 

  5. Applications for Admission, scholarships, etc. are now online.  Go to the college/university website to find them.  They will be under headings such as New Students, Admissions, Freshmen, Incoming Students, etc. depending on what they call it at their school.  It should be easy to locate on all college web sites.  You will be going in as a first-time freshman or student, even if you attended college as a high school student.

  6. College scholarship deadlines are coming up soon.  OU and OSU deadlines are as early as Oct 15th (their application for scholarships is included in the application for admission or on their website).  Go to the website of the school of your choice to check their deadlines for scholarships.  Also check out department scholarships if you know your college majors.  Most other colleges in the state have deadlines of Dec 1st or Feb 15th.

  7. Apply for Federal Student Aid.  Apply as early as October 1st!  Apply early for an increased chance of receiving additional funding.  The FAFSA will be for federal aid as well as state aid.   This is also done online.  Go to http://www.FAFSA.ed.gov Student and one parent go to the FAFSA website and get a FAFSA ID (if parents have an ID from a previous child, they can use the same one).  This is a free application.  If they ask for money, you’re at the wrong site.  First thing to do is gather your federal income tax information from the previous year.  If this year’s taxes are not completed, use last year’s and submit that.  When your taxes are finished, you can then go back and edit the information.  The main thing is to submit the FAFSA early.  Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant or OTAG will be granted on a first come first served basis until the money runs out.

  8. A few days after submission of the FAFSA online, you can check your application’s status online.When it is completed, print a copy of your Student Aid Report and keep a copy in your file.You may be asked to submit it for some scholarships.

  9. If you have not done so, complete a profile at OKcollegestart.org. Give your counselor permission to view and send your transcript to colleges.This will also allow you to send your own transcript electronically. Electronic transcripts are considered to be “official” by all colleges/universities. You may also get a transcript from the high school office or the counselor’s office. Paper transcripts are not considered official unless they are signed and sealed by a school official. And the best part? There are lists and lists and more lists of scholarships on this site!