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Board Policies

Vaccine and Mask Mandate Information

Transfer Availability

Homeless Notice to Parents for Assistance


Policy PDF's

pdf311 Reduction In Force Certified Personnel pdf311 Reduction In Force Support Personnel pdf4-H Guidelines Osu Extension Office pdfA-Disclaimer Policy Book pdfAa-School District Legal Status pdfAe-Philosophy Of Gore Public Schools pdfAsbestos Notice pdfAsbestos Plan Locations Of Asbestos pdfBa-Goverance Chart pdfBaa-Powers And Duties Of Boardrtf pdfBaab-Nepotism pdfBand Handbook pdfBba-Board Qualifications pdfBbb-E2-Board-Of-Education-Oath-Of-Office pdfBbb-E3 Application For Vacant Board Position pdfBbb-E4 Election Of School Board Members pdfBbb-Term Of Office-Vacancy pdfBbc-Board Vacancy pdfBbd-New Members pdfBbf-Code Of Ethics pdfBbh-Development Opportunities Board pdfBbh-R1 New Board Member Workshop pdfBbh-R2 School Board Member Cont Ed pdfBbhb-1 School Board Cont Ed Req pdfBbhb-Board Point 2014 pdfBd-R1-Board-Of-Education-Clerk-Regulation pdfBd-R2-Board-Of-Education-Minutes-Clerk-Regulation 1 pdfBd-R3-Board-Of-Education-Encumbrance-Clerk-Regulation pdfBd-School-Board-Internal-Organization pdfBdaab-Board Officers pdfBdab-Board Of Education Officers pdfBdac-Vice President pdfBdae-Boe Officer Treasurer2016 pdfBdae-R Treasurer pdfBdae-Treasurer pdfBdag-C Clerk pdfBdaj-Minutes Clerk pdfBdb-Board Committees pdfBdf-Advisory Committees pdfBdfb-Healthy And Fit School Advisory Committee pdfBdfc-Safe School Committee pdfBdfd-Healthy And Fit School Advisory pdfBdsg-Bible Distribution In Schools pdfBe-Board Of Education Meeting Time And Location pdfBe-R-Video Conf pdfBe-R2-Board Of Ed Teleconferencing Meetings pdfBe-R Board Of Education Meetings pdfBea-School Board Meeting Agenda Preparation And Dissemination pdfBeaa-Board Notification Of Meetings pdfBeb-Quorum Board Procedures pdfBec-Executive Sessions pdfBed-Board Of Education Meeting Public Participation pdfBed-E Request To Be Heard Before Board pdfBed-R Board Meeting Participation By Public pdfBeea-P Board Of Ed Meetings Notificatioin Procedure pdfBeea-Rules Of Order pdfBef-Board Of Education Miniutes pdfBef-P Board Minutes Procedures pdfBfa-Board Policies pdfBf Absence Of Policy pdfBj-Executive Office-Supt pdfBja-Board-Supt pdfBjca-Term Of Office And Salary Superintendent pdfBjcd-Eval Of Supt pdfBkbb-School Social Media Accounts pdfBkbc-School District Approved Social Media Accounts pdfCda-Funds Management And Investment pdfCda-P Investment Procedures pdfCda-R Bid-Quote For Secure Investments pdfCdab-Use Of School Funds pdfCdcc-Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Tax Credit pdfCfb-Activity Funds pdfCfb-E1 Purchases And Requisitions Policy pdfCfb-R1 Resolution pdfCfb-R4 Exempt Food Fundraisers pdfCfb-R Activity Funds And Sales Regulation pdfCfba-Activity Funds School Support Groups pdfCfbb-C Custodian pdfCfbb-E Sanction Applicaitoin pdfCfbb-P Sanctioning Of Organizations And Associations pdfCfbr-Activity Fund Regulations pdfCfc-Auditor pdfCfea-Salary Deductions pdfCha-Purchasing And Distribution pdfChc-R Bids And Quotations pdfChd-Credit Card Policy pdfChd-E Credit Card Use Report Form pdfChd-R School Credit Card Administration pdfChea- Debarment pdfCheerleading Handbook 2015-16 pdfChild Abuse Reporting Form pdfChild Abuse Reporting Guidlenes pdfChrome Book Technology Loan Agreement 1 pdfCi-Disposal Of Surplus School Property pdfCk-Safety Program pdfCkab-Cell Phone Use pdfCkad School Security Drills pdfCkae-Drugs Alcohol And Contraband Searches pdfCkaj-School-Security-Surveillance-Cameras pdfCkbb-2020 Snow Bus Routes pdfCkbb-Warning Systems pdfCkbb Weather Policy pdfCkc-E Lock Down Procedures pdfCkc-R1-Fire-Drills-Rules-And-Procedures 1 pdfCkc-R2-Tornado-Drills-Rules-And-Procedures pdfCkc-Safety-Drills 1 pdfCkc-Safety Drills pdfCkca-Hazard Evacuation Plan pdfCkcb-E Bomb Threat pdfCkcd-Disaster Plan pdfCkcd-E1 Administrators Crisis Intervention Checklist pdfCkcd-P Disaster Plan pdfCkda-Tobacco Use Prohibited pdfCke-Hazardous Materials pdfCke-R Hazardous Materials pdfCl-Building Use And Repair pdfCl-E Property Damage Report Form pdfClbcd- Armed School Employees pdfCld-Vandalism pdfCmab-Textbook Distribution And Care pdfCn-R1 School Transportation Regulation pdfCn-R3-Bus Drivers And Use Of Technology- pdfCn-Ump Unpaid Meal Policy pdfCnab-Transportation Management pdfCnt-School Transportation pdfCo-A Wellness Policy pdfCo-B Health Services pdfCo-Child Nutrition And Physical Fitness pdfCo-P Lunch Accounts pdfCo-R2 Food Alergy Cn Regs pdfCo-R3-Food Allergy Policy pdfCo-R4 Latex Glove Reg pdfCo-R Child Nutrition Regulations pdfCob-Food Procurement Plan pdfCob-P Food Procurement Protest Procedures pdfCob-R Food Procurement Reg pdfCof-Vending Machines pdfCpac-School Telephones pdfCvrfa-Fair Labor Act pdfDa-B Destruction Of Confidential Records pdfDaa-E Title Ix And 504 Complaint Form pdfDaa-Non Discrimination pdfDaab-E Title Ix-504 Complaint Form pdfDaab-Grievance Procedure pdfDaab-R Grievance Procedures pdfDabb- Written Records Investigation pdfDabr-Surveillance On School Property pdfDb-R Teacher Duties And Responsibilities pdfDb-Teachers Duties And Responsibilities pdfDba-1 Substitute Policy 2022 pdfDbaa-Paraprofessionals pdfDbaa-Title I And Special Education Paraprofessionals pdfDba R-Paraprofessionals Standards pdfDbca-Code Of Conduct pdfDbh-Accomodations For Lactating Employees pdfDc-Employment Practices pdfDc-R1 Application For Employment---- pdfDc-R2 Reasonable Assurance Form pdfDc-R Employment Practices pdfDcc-C-Drug Policy Grants pdfDcc-Drug Free Workplace pdfDcc-E1 Drug Free Notice To Employees pdfDcc-E2 Drug Consent Form pdfDcc-E3 Volentary Testing Consent Form pdfDcc-R Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing pdfDdca-Acceptance-Of-Letters-Of-Resignation pdfDe-Salaries And Expenses pdfDea-E2 Substitute Contract Sample pdfDea-Ed Extra Duty Stipend-Extended Season Bonus pdfDea-Total Compensation And Salary Schedule pdfDeae1 Staff Attendance pdfDec-F-Leave Form pdfDec-R1 Sick Leave Certified Personnel Regulation pdfDec-R2-Support Leave Provisions pdfDec-R7 Maternity Leave pdfDeca-E1-Fmla Employer Response To Request pdfDeca-E2 Application For Fmla pdfDeca-E3 Medical Certification pdfDeca-E4 Medical Certification Statement pdfDeca-E5-Employee Medical Statement Of Serious Illness pdfDeca-E6 Application For Intermittent Leave pdfDeca-E7-Provider Certification For Interm Leave pdfDeca-E8 Intent To Return To Work pdfDeca-E9 Fmla Leave Bank Form pdfDeca-Family Medical Leave pdfDecb-Employee Leave Provisons-2022 pdfDed-R7 Association Officer Leave pdfDee-E1 Travel Reqest For Ed Meetings pdfDee-E2 Travel Reimbursement Form pdfDee-E3-Bus Leave pdfDee-Expense Reimbursement pdfDee-P2 Vehicle Check Out Form pdfDee-P Reimbursement Policy pdfDee-R Travel And Expenses pdfDee-T Transportation Request pdfDeec-1 Coaches Clinic pdfDeec-Student Activities Expense Reimbursement pdfDef-Unused Sick Leave Bank Retirement Only pdfDefa-E1 Leave Shareagreement pdfDefa-E2 Leave Share Bank Forms pdfDefa-R1 Leave Sharing Program Reg pdfDefa-R1 Sick Leave Sharing Program Regulations pdfDefa-R2 Leave Sharing Bank Regulations
pdfDgba-E1 Form A pdfDgba-E1 Form B pdfDgba-E1 Form C pdfDgba-E2 Grievance Committee Members pdfDgba-Employee Grievances pdfDgba-F Grievance Form pdfDgba-R Employee Grievances Procedures pdfDha-1 Athletc Profit Sharing Concessions pdfDha-B Booster Organization Accounts pdfDha-C Activity Account Represenative For Outside Groups pdfDha-E Fundraiser Request Form pdfDha-P Non School Fundraising Policy pdfDha-Students Activity Accounts pdfDhaa Staff-Student Relationships Annual Pd pdfDhab-Staff-Student Communications pdfDhac-P Password pdfDhac-R Acceptable Use Reg pdfDhac-Staff Members And Social Networking Sites pdfDi-Health Personnel pdfDi-R1 Personnel Health Aids pdfDiaf-E1 Communicable Disease Risk Exposure Report pdfDiaf-Hygiene And Sanitation Bloodborn Pathogens pdfDiaf-P Routine Procedures For Sanitation Body Fluid pdfDiaf-R Hygiene And Sanitation pdfDmb-P Professional Dev Points Request Form pdfDmb-R Professional Dev Committee pdfDmb-Staff Development pdfDmp-Diabetes Management Plan pdfDna-P Teacher Performance Evaluation Procedures pdfDna-Teacher Evaluation pdfDnaa-Evaluation Of Admin Personnel pdfDnaa-P-Leader Performance Eval pdfDnab-Evaluation Of Support Staff pdfDnb Personnel Files pdfDo-E10 Recommendation Of Dismissal Of Probationary Teacher pdfDo-E1 Notice To Career Teacher pdfDo-E2 Notice To Career Teacher-Suspension pdfDo-E3 Notice To Career Teacher-Dismissal pdfDo-E4 Notice Of Non Renewal Of Probationary Teacher pdfDo-E5 Notice Of Non Renewal-Suspension Probationary Teacher pdfDo-E6 Notice Of Dismissal Of Probationary Teacher pdfDo-E7 Recommendation Of Non Renewal Of Contract-Career Teacher pdfDo-E8 Recommendation Of Dismissal Of Career Teacher pdfDo-E9 Notice Of Non Renewal Of Probationary Teacher pdfDo-R Termination Procedures pdfDo-Termination Of Teacher pdfDoac-E1 Record Of Corrective Counseling pdfDoac-E2 Support Personnel Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of Policy pdfDoac-E3 Support Personnel Reasonable Assurance Notification 2 pdfDoac-G Supprt Goals pdfDoac-Support Personnel-Demotion Suspension pdfDob-Admin Due Process pdfDocca-E1 Consultation With Employee pdfDocca-E2 Written Warning To Employee pdfDocca-Written Admonishment Of Teacher pdfDo Termination Of Teacher pdfDo Termination Resignation Of Teacher pdfDpa-Qualified Teachers pdfDpaa-R Principals pdfDpab-Bus Driver-Absence pdfDpab-R Bus Driver Regulations License And Testing pdfDpb-Substitute Teachers pdfDppa-Qualifications Of Principal pdfEb-Calendar pdfEb-R School Calendar pdfEba-School Hours-Days pdfEbm-Activity Absence pdfEbm-P Activity Absence Policy Absence Defined pdfEbm-R Ten Day Activity Ruling pdfEc-1 Classroom Instruction Dismissal For Fundriasers pdfEc-School Day pdfEcc-Class Schedules-Changes pdfEeb-Class Size pdfEei-Visitor Policy pdfEfa-E2 Report Of Consideration pdfEfa-E3 Request For Consideration pdfEfa-E4 Notice Of Review Committee Meeting pdfEfa-E5 Parental Material Restriction Request pdfEfa-E6 Library Donation Agreement pdfEfa-Library Selection pdfEfa-P1 Library Adendum Speech And Outside Materials pdfEfa-P Public Complaints About Library pdfEfa-R1 School Library Media Center pdfEfa-R1 School Library Media Center Materials pdfEfa-R2 Use Of School Library Media Center pdfEfaa-R Textbook Adoption Reg pdfEfaa-Textbook Adoption pdfEfbca-E1 Technology Terms And Conditions pdfEfbca-E Internet Access Conduct Agreement pdfEfbca-Internet And Other Computer Networks - pdfEfbca-R1 Code Of Conduct For Internet And Other pdfEfbca-R2 Internet Filtering pdfEfbcc-Web Pages pdfEfd-Field Trips And Excursions 1 pdfEg-Curriculum Development pdfEg-R Curriculum Development pdfEgd-Curriculum Guides And Course Outlines pdfEgg-E Race Theory Complaint Form pdfEgg-Prohibition Of Race And Sex Discrimination In Curriculum And Complaint Process pdfEha-R Basic Instructional Program pdfEhac Diploma pdfEhae-Drivers Ed pdfEhah-Sex Education pdfEhak Physical Education pdfEha Basic Instructional Program pdfEhba-Equal Edcucation Opportunities pdfEhbb-Gifted And Talented pdfEhbb-R Gifted Adn Talented Program Reg pdfEhbb-T Gifted And Talented Trip Policy pdfEhbc-E3--Revocation For Consent For pdfEhbc-Learning Disabled Students pdfEhbc-R3doc-Child Find pdfEhbca-Extended School Year Services pdfEhbdb-E Title I Parental Assessment Instrument pdfEhbdb-R Title I Parent Involvement pdfEhbdb-Title I Parent Involvment pdfEhbdba-Parent-Participation-In-The-School-District 5 pdfEhbdba-Parent Participation In The School District pdfEhbe-E Limited English Proficient Programs pdfEhbe Limited English Proficiency Instruction pdfEhbj-Charter School Applicationand Contract Renewal Process pdfEhbja-Conversion-School pdfEhc Diploma pdfEhdf-E Student-Parent Guardian Contract pdfEhdf Online Instruction pdfEhdg-Homeless Dispute Resolution pdfEhdgh-R10-Notification Of No Homeless pdfEhdgh-R11 Services To Hl Students At Non-Title I Site pdfEhdgh-R12 School Records And Privacy Rights For Homeless Children And Youth pdfEhdgh-R13 Fafsa Training Document College Resource pdfEhdgh-R1 Parent Placement Notification Letter pdfEhdgh-R2-Written Enrollment Decision Notice pdfEhdgh-R3 Written Enrollment Decision Appeal Notice pdfEhdgh-R4 Determining Eligibility For Homeless Guide pdfEhdgh-R5-Children And Youth Experiencing Homelessness pdfEhdgh-R6 Community Coordination Homeless pdfEhdgh-R7 - Rural Transportation Homeless pdfEhdgh-R8-Transportation For Hl Notification pdfEhdgh-R9-Unaccompanied Youth pdfEhdgh-R Mckinney-Vento Best Interest Determination For School Placement Worksheet pdfEia-E1 Student Retention Reg pdfEia-E2 Retention Notice pdfEia-E3 Reading Deficiency Parent Notification pdfEia-E4 -Rsa Third Grade Retention pdfEia-E5 Readng Sufficiency Act Poliy pdfEia-E Student Retention Placement Committee Form pdfEia-Kg Kindergarten Graduation Policy pdfEia-P2 Grade Change Transcripts pdfEia-Pre School Programs pdfEia-P Grade Change Procedures pdfEia-R1 Grading pdfEia-R2 Grade Codes pdfEia-R3 Grading For Pre-K Thru 4th pdfEia-R4 Student Retention pdfEia-R5-Mid Year Promotion 4th Grade pdfEiab-E Letter Grade pdfEiab-Report Cards-Semester Test Exemptions pdfEiab-R Grading Scale pdfEiad-Parent-Teacher-Conferences pdfEiae-P-Proficiency Based Promotion pdfEiae-Proficiency Based Promotion pdfEiag-Summer Reading Academy pdfEia -Prek Pre School Policy Of Gore Public School pdfEia Promotion And Retention pdfEic-Academic Honors pdfEic-R2-Val Sal Policy pdfEied-Graduation Requirements pdfEied-Graduation Requirements Osde pdfEiedf-Individual Career And Academic Plan pdfEif-Classification pdfEif-R Student Classification Regulation pdfEj-Counselor pdfEjb-Suicide Awareness And Training pdfEk-R1 Testing Program And Student Surveys pdfEk-R2 Testing Remediation Regulation pdfEk-School Testing pdfEkba-Reading Sufficiency Testing pdfEmb-Bacculuarate pdfEmc-Graduation Policy Cap And Gown pdfEmdb-Flags pdfEmi-Moment-Of-Silence pdfEmj-Academic Team pdfFb-E1 Sexual Harassment Incident Report Form pdfFb-Sexual Harrassment Of Students pdfFb E2--Written Notice To Known Parties Of Sexual Harrassment Alligations pdfFb E3--Written Report Of Sexual Harrassment pdfFcp-F-Foster Care Complaint Form pdfFcp-Foster Care Plan pdfFcp-F Foster Care Plan Form Trans pdfFcp-T-Transportation Plan pdfFd-E3 Power Of Attorney pdfFd-E Residency Affidavit pdfFd-P Residency Dispute Procedures pdfFd-Student Residency pdfFda-Student Enrollment Requirements pdfFdaaa-Electronic Signatures pdfFdc-R2 Attendance Recovery Policy pdfFdc-R Student Attendance Reg pdfFdc-Student Attendance pdfFdca-Attendance Officer Process For Id Of Dropouts pdfFdf-Leaving School Grounds-Closed Campus pdfFe-D Transfer Denied Notice To Parent
pdfFe-Introduction Of Process On Website 1 1 pdfFe-P Removal Of Sex Offenders pdfFe-R1 Student Transfer Reg pdfFe-R2 Emergency Transfer Policy pdfFe-Student-Transfers New Law 2022 1 1 pdfFef-Student Transfers For Employee pdfFeg-Student Transfers For Children Of Active Military Members pdfFeh-Transfers For Special Education Students 1 pdfFexx-Withdrawl From School pdfFfa-Health Of Students pdfFfa-P Head Lice Policy pdfFfa-R Headlice Regulations pdfFfaab-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome pdfFfaab-R Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Reg pdfFfac-E1 Parental Consent For Emergency Medical Treatment pdfFfac-E Emergency Medical Treatment Consent pdfFfac-First Aid Students pdfFfac-R First Aid Students Reg pdfFfaca-E1-Administering Medication To Student Authorization 2019 pdfFfaca-E2 Parental Authorization To Administer Medicine And Log pdfFfaca-E3 Emergency Authorization To Administer pdfFfaca-E4 Clinic Card pdfFfaca-E5 Designated Employee Non Script Meds pdfFfaca-E6 Med Review Request pdfFfaca-Medication pdfFfaca-Medication; Administering To Students pdfFfaca-Medication Administering To Students pdfFfaca-R Medications Given At School Regulations pdfFfacb Self Adm Of Asma Meds pdfFfacc-Diabetes Medical Management Plan pdfFfacca-E Waiver Of Liability For Hypoglycemic Emergency Procedures pdfFfacca-Hypoglycemic Emergency Procedures pdfFfacd-Medical Marijuana pdfFfacda-Administration Of Emergency Opioid Antagonists pdfFfad-Bed Bugs pdfFfaf-Vision Screening Of Students 23 pdfFfa Barn Contract pdfFfd-Accident Insurance Students pdfFff-E Suspected Child Abuse Report Form pdfFffd-E Student Parking Agreement pdfFffd-Vehicle Use And Parking Students pdfFfff-E Bus Incident Reporting pdfFfff-R1 School Bus Program Reg pdfFfff-School Bus Program pdfFfg-E Suspected Child Abuse Report Form pdfFfg-Reporting Suspected Child Abuse pdfFfga-Custodial And Noncustodial Parental Rights pdfFfgb -Child Welfair Investigation Agency Verification pdfFj-School Fundraisers Update 12-17 pdfFl-E10 From J Permission For Third Party Access To Student Rec pdfFl-E11 From K Third Party Access To Records-For Student Files pdfFl-E12 From K Transfer Of Records Under Court Order pdfFl-E13 From K Request For Records Denied Incomplete Form pdfFl-E14 From K Request For Records Denied pdfFl-E15 From K Review Of Student Records Notification To Parent pdfFl-E16 Notice To Parents Of Access To Records Request pdfFl-E17 Record Of Individuals Agencies Organizations Who pdfFl-E18 Notice Of Rights Under Ferpa And pdfFl-E19 Request Of Non-Parent For Examination pdfFl-E1 Form A Request To Inspect Records pdfFl-E20 Confidentially Information For Interpreters pdfFl-E2 Form B Request To Inspect Records pdfFl-E3 From C Authority To Transfer Ed Records pdfFl-E4 From D Authority To Transfer Ed Records pdfFl-E5 From E Ed Records Challenge pdfFl-E6 From F Ed Records Challenge pdfFl-E7 From G Notice Of Hearing To Contest Records pdfFl-E8 From H Summary Of Hearing To Contest Records pdfFl-E9 From I Permission For Third Party Access To Student Reco pdfFl-R Ferpa Guidlines pdfFle-E1 Permission For The Transfer And Or Release Of pdfFle-Transfer And Release Of Confidential Info pdfFlf- Information Coordinator pdfFl -Student Records pdfFm-R Student Activities Eligibility Reg pdfFm-Student Activities Eligibility pdfFma-R1 Extracurricular Activities pdfFma-R2 Extracurricular Activities pdfFma-R3 Extracurricular Activities Internal Review Committee pdfFma-R4 Homecoming Policy pdfFmac-Cheerleaders pdfFmac-R Extracurricular Activities Cheerleading Reg pdfFma Extracurricular Activities pdfFmc-E Notificaiton Of Particiaption In Organization pdfFmc-R1 Establishing School Organizations pdfFmc-R2 Non Curricular Organizations pdfFmc-Student Clubs And Organizations Sponsors pdfFmd-Student Activities Social Affairs-Dances pdfFmf-Athletics pdfFmf-P Athletics Gate Passes pdfFmf-R2 Ninth Grade As Hs Participants pdfFmf-R Athletic Regulations pdfFmfe-Spectator Code Of Conduct Athletics Program pdfFm Student Activities Eligibility pdfFnca-R Student Dress Conduct-Dress Code Reg pdfFnca-Student Conduct-Dress Code pdfFncc-Hazing Updated 6-2018 2 pdfFncd-Bullying 2 pdfFncd-E Harassment- Bully Reporting Form 2 pdfFncd-Harassment 2 pdfFncd-P-Bullying Investigation Procedures 2 pdfFncd-R Prohibiting Bullying Intimidation Adn Harrassment Regulation 2 pdfFnce-E Parent Request For Urine Screen Agreement pdfFnce-P Reporting Procedure pdfFnce-Reporting Of Under The Influence pdfFnce-R Non Intoxicating Dangerous Substances pdfFncg-Weapons pdfFncga-E Weapons Free Report Form pdfFncga-Weapons Free School pdfFnf-E1-Student-Searches-Checklist pdfFnf-E2-Student-Searches-Authority-To-Transport pdfFnf-R-Search-Of-Students-Regulation pdfFnf-Search-Of-Students pdfFnfa-E--Acknowledgment Concerning Use Of Student Lockers pdfFnfa-R--Responsibility For School Property pdfFnfa-Responsibility For School Property pdfFnfb-Inspection Of Student Lockers pdfFng-E Wireless Telecommunication Device Form pdfFng-R Wireless Rules pdfFng-Wireless Telecommunication Devices pdfFnga-Electronic Reading Devices pdfFnga-E Parent Permission Agreement Form pdfFo-E1 Discipline Report Forms pdfFo-E2 Assertive Discipline Schedule pdfFo-E3 Report To Parents pdfFo-E4 Student Reprimand pdfFo-P Student Discipline pdfFo-R1 Control And Discipline Policy pdfFo-R2 Disciplinary Records Procedures pdfFo-R3 Discipline For Controlled Substances pdfFo-R4 Threatening Behavior pdfFo-R5 Restraints And Seclusion pdfFo-Student Discipline Updated 6-2018 pdfFob-Corporal Punishment pdfFoc-Detention pdfFod--Suspension Of Students- pdfFod-E10 Notice Of Suspension Committee Decision pdfFod-E11 Notice Of Superintendent Conference pdfFod-E12 Suspension Committee Memorandum pdfFod-E13 Superintendents Memorandum pdfFod-E14 Notice Of Superintendent Action pdfFod-E15 Notice Of Suspension Before The Board pdfFod-E16 Waver Of Suspension Appeal pdfFod-E17 Notice To Appeal pdfFod-E1 Notice Of Suspension Less Than 10 Days pdfFod-E2 Notice Of Suspension-Appeal More Than 10 Days pdfFod-E3 Elementary Suspension pdfFod-E4 Upper Elementary-High School Suspension Notice pdfFod-E5 Notice Of Hearing pdfFod-E6 Out Of School Education Plan pdfFod-E7 Notice Of Suspension Conference pdfFod-E8 Suspension Appeals Committee pdfFod-E9 Timeline For Suspension Form pdfFod-R Suspension Of Students pdfFp-R Fines And Fees Regulations pdfFp-Student Fines And Fees pdfG-Letter Grade pdfG-O On Line Enrollemet During School Day pdfGba-Open-Records-Act pdfGba-R Open Records Act-Copy Fees pdfGd-S Digital Sign Postings pdfGdc-Professional Dress pdfGf-Public Complaints pdfGfk-Designated Restroom And Changing Room Designaiton For Use pdfGgff-P Agency Investigation pdfGi A Advertising On School Property pdfGj-E Orders To Leave School Premises pdfGj-E Order To Leave pdfGj-P School Visitors Appeal pdfGj-R-Visitor Log pdfGj-School Visitors pdfGjab-E Notification Of Paretns Release Of Information Nclb pdfGjba Student Recruitment pdfGk-R1-Use Of School Property Regulations pdfGk-Use Of School Property pdfGka-E Form For Signature Of Arresting Officer pdfGka-Releasing Students To Police pdfGkaa-Law Enforcement And Body Cameras On School Premises pdfGke-Building Use Application pdfGke-Ecd Event Center Displays Banners pdfGke-Use Of School Storm Shelter pdfGkf-Designated Restroom Use pdfGkk-Keyholder pdfGkk-R-Keyholder Policy pdfGm-Activity Media Policy pdfGore Public Schools Student Transfer Information 1 pdfGv-Vehicle Lease Policy pdfHazardous Communicatin Plan pdfIcap pdfIndian Policies And Procedures Adopted Dec 2017 pdfLibrary Media Standards pdfPirate Club Handbook 2018 pdfRiley Boatwright Act-Gore Schools Policy pdfSave Womens Sprots Act pdfStudent Mental Health Policy pdfSupport Application 1 pdfTemporary Certified Applicant Contract pdfTitle Ix Guide pdfTitle Ix Policy And Complaint Form pdfTribal Regalia pdfVaccination And Exemption Notice 1 1 pdf Eic-R3 Usher Polcy For Senior Graduaiton Ceremony